TO Comix Press
Based in Toronto, Ontario

6" x 9" Perfectbound Softcover


24 stories from 50 GTA creators.

Publication date:
May 15th 2018


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]



In a city of competitive wizard barristas, nervous werewolves and scoundrel Trash Pandas, you'll find some of the best upcoming comic creators! We're back again with 24 fresh comics from local indie veterans and first-time creators. From the strange giants that prowl Kensington at midnight, the vengeful Pacific Mall dance mafia, or the dragon-hunting wannabes working Queen street, we've got stories inspired by every part of the city we love.

With a cover by Irma Kniivila (Ms. Marvel) and a foreword from Chip Zdarsky (Archie, Jughead), we’re excited to bring you a new generation of Canadian talent!


Press Releases

March 1, 2018 - Kickstarter launches!
"After four successful crowdfunding campaigns, the Toronto Comics Anthology is launching it’s fifth kickstarter for the latest book in the popular series celebrating upcoming creators. This 220-page book features 24 new stories set in and about Toronto, all created by local comic writers and artists." ( cont'd )

About TO Comix Press

We publish comics celebrating upcoming creators and diverse voices. We're dedicated to transparency, and helping build a supportive and kind comics community. You can find us at most major Ontario conventions, and at our monthly social events in Toronto!

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve sold over 7,500 books and raised over $75,000 on Kickstarter. We’ve been nominated for the Gene Day Award for excellence in self-publishing in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and were also nominated for the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Associations Aurora Award in 2016.


There are far more images available for Toronto Comics: Osgoode As Gold, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • Publisher TO Comix Press has been nominated for the Gene Day Award for excellence in Self-Publishing in 2015, 2016, and 2017 - Joe Shuster Awards

Praise for the Toronto Comics Anthology series

  • "Toronto is a wonderful city. These are wonderful comics. That can’t just be a coincidence."
    - Jeff Lemire, Official Site
  • "Toronto is a wellspring of creative talent and this anthology is a perfect way to introduce people to the next generation of Canadian comic creators."
    - Jim Zub ( Thunderbolts, Wayward, Samurai Jack ), Zub Tables
  • "Toronto is like a Hellmouth, but instead of evil, it draws outstanding comic book talent. I’ve lived here my whole life and generation after generation, pound for pound, we got it going on. Thanks to anthologies like this, the whole world will know."
    - Kalman Andrasofszky, Tumblr
  • "The talent in Toronto is incredible, and this collection goes a long way to highlight the depth, ability, and diversity of emerging comic book storytellers in this city. Watch these names - if you don’t know them yet, you will soon!"
    - Hope Nicholson ( Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Brok Windsor ), Bedside Press
  • "Toronto is considered a comic book mecca and if you didn’t know that before picking up this book, you’ll understand why after reading the eclectic, amusing, and diverse comics presented here by a collective of multi-talented creators living, creating, and being inspired by their city."
    - J. Torres ( Teen Titans Go!, True Patriot ), J Torres Comics
  • "If you’re from Toronto, and you enjoy comics, then you have no excuse. This book was created LITERALLY for you. What else are you going to read on the Queen streetcar?"
    - Ty Templeton ( Batman 66, The Simpsons ), Ty Templeton's Art Land

Table of Contents

  • Cenotaph
    Urban Fantasy
    Time-worn ghosts try to make sense of a city that's long forgotten them.
  • The Wolf of Wellesley
    Script and art:Lacey Brannen
    A lonely smalltown woman comes to the big city in search of others like her. You know, werewolves.
  • Mirrored
    Urban Fantasy
    Script and art:Sam Beck
    Beneath Bay Station, Toronto's magical elite compete for eternal stardom.
  • Catnap Cafe
    Urban Fantasy
    Script and art:Saffron Aurora
    A daydream at the cat cafe leaves a woman forever changed.
  • Bandit Bargain Basement Bonanaza
    Trash Pandas
    How DO trash pandas fence all their sweet loot?
  • Betty and the Blue Jays
    Slice of life
    A love of the game connects a family through the generations.
  • Part-Time Knight
    Treason in the King's court drives a minimum-wage serf to take center stage.
  • My Heart Burns for Thee
    Script:Peter Hawrysh
    With grim determination, a man enters a CNE eating competition to win the heart of his true love.
  • The Goosefighter
    Wild West
    Rude Geese
    This U ain't big enough for the 2 of us.
  • Otto's Fantastic Doner-Kebab Time Machine
    A drunken date goes interdimensional thanks to the power of a disco washroom.
  • Whose Line?
    Slice of life
    The hottest new trend is here! Probably. Maybe? Definitely.
  • Erasure
    Residential Schools
    It's easy to pretend history didn't happen, but it still shapes today.
  • Leave it to Leo
    The eldest scoundrel of a 1940's comics crew conjures a caper.
  • The Flight
    Script and art:Kat Verhoeven
    She hasn't felt safe biking since the accident. But a rush order and a mystery rider draw her back into the rush.
  • The Flood
    Slice of life
    While the city is washed out, four teens boat out to the Island in search of adventure!
  • FinalMIX! Difficulty: Expert!
    Competitive Dance
    Revenge is a dish best served at 120 bpm.
  • Procyon Torontor
    Trash Pandas
    A raccoon with a notched ear endures the seasons.
  • Dream Job
    Script and art:Haley Millman
    After years of not quite hacking it, an amateur monster hunter considers giving up.
    Two seasonal slackers guard the rift gate to eerie Vaughn.
  • Finkel and Sons
    Script:Sam Ruano
    Colourist:Nechama Frier
    Letterer:Andrew Thomas
    A Jewish shopkeeper's son must quickly decide how best to protect his family.
  • Nocturne
    Urban Fantasy
    When all of Kensington is safely asleep, stranger citizens come out to play.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Danforth
    Colourist:Joy San
    Letterer:Andrew Thomas
    An arrogant film star goes all-in at a shady no-limit poker game.
  • Jane & Finch
    Mean Streets
    An anthromorphic representation of Jane Street looks for her lost friend.
  • TTC Gothic
    Script:JM Frey
    Atmospheric TTC horror.
  • Wheel girls
    Script and art:Marcia Iwasaki
    Bicycle illustration
  • Ode to the TO Toad
    Script and art:Casey Parsons
    Whisky Kaiju illustration
  • Here & Everywhere
    Script and art:Vivi Partridge
    A guide to the many films shot in TO!

Creators available for interview

Stephanie Cooke ( Lead Editor ) - Request interview
Stephanie Cooke is a Toronto based writer and editor. Her works include "Home Sweet Huck" (Mark Millar's Millarworld Annual), "Lungarella" (The Secret Loves of Geek Girls), "Home and Country" (Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 4), "Behind Enemy Linens (BLOCKED Anthology). She is also the Editor in Chief of the entertainment web site, Rogues Portal and can be found on Twitter (and everywhere) @hellocookie.
Megan Purdy ( Editor ) - Request interview
Megan Purdy is a Toronto-based comics editor and critic. She is the publisher of Women Write About Comics and Bleating Heart Press, and the co-editor of The MNT.
Miike ( Editor ) - Request interview
Miike is a Toronto-based writer/editor, best known for his work on the Toronto Comics and Hogtown Horror Anthologies, as well as his creator-owned comic, "Tommy Gun Banshee", through Blue Banshee Press.
Andrew Wheeler ( Writer ) - Request interview
Andrew Wheeler is a British-born comic book writer, novelist, journalist and editor. His comics works include the feminist fantasy series Another Castle from Oni Press, with artist Paulina Ganucheau, and the gay superhero series Freelance from Chapterhouse Comics, with artists Juan Samu and Vaneda Vireak. He's also the author of the pulp adventure novella serial Valentin & The Widow, and the winner of an Eisner award for his work in comics journalism. He's a vocal and lifelong advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in popular entertainment, and his work often centres on queer and progressive themes.
Austen Payne ( Artist ) - Request interview
Austen Payne is a Storyboard Artist living and working in Toronto. They wrote and directed the short film One Hell of a Party!
Aaron Feldman ( Writer ) - Request interview
Aaron Feldman is a writer and editor whose works have appeared in numerous comics and anthologies, including Hogtown Horror, Strange Romance, and Happily Ever Aftr. He is a former editor of the Toronto Comics Anthology, and currently co-writes Northguard with Anthony Falcone for Chapterhouse publishing.
Sam Beck ( Cartoonist ) - Request interview
Sam Beck is an illustrator and cartoonist. She has worked on number of comics and illustrations that focus on myths, fantasy and surrealism. Her recent published work includes the comics Songs for the Dead and Cadmus. She also has an on-going webcomic called Verse.
Steven Andrews ( Writer ) - Request interview
Steven Andrews works in the casual gaming industry, and has run TO Comix Press since it began in 2014.
Marilyn Campbell ( Writer ) - Request interview
Marilyn Anne Campbell is a writer and nature lover. Her short story Model Citizen appeared in the Toronto-based YA speculative fiction magazine Inaccurate Realities and her short plays have been seen on stages in Winnipeg, Calgary, Hamilton, Halifax, Chicago, South Dakota, and New York. These include the sci-fi comedies Universal Language and A Place in the World, the dramas Flood Control and Marks of Birth, and the children's play The Knight's Errand. Her Remembrance Day themed play Failing Hands was one of three winners of Storybook Theatre (Calgary)'s National TYA Playwriting Competition. Marilyn graduated from York University unscathed by geese and is now the Communications Assistant for the Humber Arboretum.
If you would like to interview another creator not listed here, please do contact us!

Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart Kickstarter
Kickstarter for last year's Toronto Comics anthology.

Wayward Sisters Kickstarter
Our 2017 first wide-audience anthology was an enormous success!

Editorial Team

Stephanie Cooke
Lead Editor

Steven Andrews
Production Editor & Marketing Coordinator

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