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Volume 4 submissions have now closed.

Submissions have now closed, and work on Volume Four has begun!
We're really excited about the creative team we've assembled, and we'll be launching the Kickstarter in late February. Stay tuned for more info!

We want to create another great installment in our ongoing anthology series celebrating Toronto’s comics community. We’ve previously published three books and a mini, and this anthology will be our first full-colour book! The book will be funded via Kickstarter and launch in May 2017.

We’ll use everything we’ve learned so far to make Volume 4 the best yet.

This page has all the info you'll need to apply, but if you'd like to learn more and meet the team, please join us for an intro meeting on Sunday July 24th!

We're meeting at the Lillian H Smith library at 239 College St from 2pm-4pm.

Come meet local artists and writers, and we'll be on hand to answer any questions you may have!Join the FB event!July 24, 2016

Table of Contents

Script Pitches
Artist Applications
Comic Formatting

What we’re looking for

We want short self-contained stories set in Toronto with diverse characters to reflect the city we share. Your work can be in any genre and tone, but must be visibly set in Toronto. That can be a spaceship TO, feudal Hogtown, or post-apoc ruins, but it must have imagery that reminds the reader where it’s set.

We’re especially interested in stories using genres not commonly found in western comics - sports, romance, true history, westerns, and so on!

If your story is part of a larger series, make sure that a new reader can still follow the action. Stories should be aimed at as a wide audience as possible, and should be rated PG13 at most.

Stories should be between 2 and 8 pages long, but the absolute maximum is 10 pages. The sweet spot is about 6 pages! We also want a handful of very short 1-2 page mini-comics.

What we’re NOT looking for

Stories should not feature excessively ‘gritty’ or extreme content.

We generally accept only 1-2 superhero story per anthology, so other genres are a safer bet.

Stories with excessive navel-gazing. Meditative or slow-paced stories are fine, but avoid stories where characters don’t make choices.

We’re not looking for autobio stories, unless your personal story reflects some larger aspect of Toronto. Good examples of autobio stories are Vol 2’s “Sandwich Boards and Salami” by BC Holmes, where she related her personal creative journey in parallel with Toronto self-publishing icon Crad Kilodney, and Vol 3’s “A Work in Progress” by Gwen Howarth, where she connects her own personal growth with the acceptance of the Trans March of Toronto Pride.


Dimensions:6” x 9” ( identical to Vol 1-3 )
Release date:May 2017
Length:164 pages. +-120 pages of that will be artwork.
Artwork:300dpi CYMK full-colour pages submitted digitally.
Sales channels:Kickstarter and conventions sales, as well as local Toronto stores.


Writers will be paid $11 CDN per page, to a maximum of $110 ( 10 pages ).
Artists will be paid $25 CDN per page for pencils and inks, to a maximum of $250 ( 10 pages ).
Colorists will be paid $15 CDN per page, to a maximum of $150 ( 10 pages ).

Creators who write, draw and colour their stories will earn $51 CDN per page to a maximum of $510 ( 10 pages ).

If a script receives first-draft approval, even if it is not illustrated or included in the final book, the writer will be paid the page rate.

If a comic is drawn, but for content, quality or space reasons is not included in the final book, all creators involved will be paid for their work.

Free Books
All contributors will receive 3 free copies of the printed book, and will be able to order additional books at a reduced cost. The reduced cost will be about $10 a book.

Payment Schedule
Creators will be paid one month after the Kickstarter completes, or June 1st, whichever is first. Creators will still be paid if the Kickstarter fails.

Rights and ownership
Artists and writers retain all rights to their work, and give us indefinite reprint license to include it in this anthology and reprints, as well as for use in digital copies and marketing materials. You will always be credited for the work.

You’ll grant us the right of first publication until Jan 1st, 2018. After that, you can submit the piece to other anthologies, display it in your website, or distribute it however you please. If you need a special exemption, just give us a shout and we can work something out.

Script Pitches

We will pair unattached writers and artists, so you can submit without having a full creative team.

Less experienced writers are encouraged to attend a social pitch meeting before submitting their pitch.

A number of spaces are reserved for unpublished writers, so don’t be intimidated if you haven’t been in print before!

Contributors don’t have to currently live in Toronto, but should have some living experience with the place.

You can submit up to 3 pitches.
Submit a pitch!Due August 14, 2016Script pitches should be submitted via Google Forms. Pitches are due end-of-day Sunday, August 14, and should include:

Plot summary
One to three paragraphs describing what happens. You don’t have to list everything in detail, but include enough to explain why an audience would be intrigued, and why the resolution will satisfy them.

Story length
An estimate of how many pages long the story will be.

Brief bio
One to three paragraphs describing yourself and your writing experience. If you’ve been previously published, let us know!

Artist details
If you’re intending to draw the story yourself, or have an artist already interested in working with you, mention that as well!

Optional Social Pitch Meeting

If you’d like to get immediate feedback, come to our group pitching meeting on Sunday, August 7 from 2-4pm at The Sidekick Cafe!

Writers should bring two great pitches with them, and be prepared to present them to a group of friendly strangers. Make sure that both ideas are equally strong, because you don’t want to be stuck developing a story you’re not invested in.

Both artists and writers are encouraged to attend! Everyone will vote on which pitch is most intriguing, and would reach the widest audience.

After the group has given you their feedback, you’ll have a week before the email pitch deadline to develop your strongest pitch.

Artist Applications

Artist-Writer pairing
Unattached artists will be presented with a list of available scripts, and will select the ones they’re most interested in.

If multiple artists pick the same story, the writer will choose the artist whose style matches their vision best.

In rare cases, editors may assign an artist directly to a story, but we want everyone to be passionate about the story they’re illustrating.

What if I want to work with my friend?
Great! If your friend wants to work with you, everything’s cool. Many of our best stories have come from writer-artist pairs who knew each other before applying.
Submit Application!Due August 14, 2016Artist applications should be submitted online via Google Forms. Artist applications are due end-of-day Sunday, August 14 2016, and should include:

Portfolio URLs
If you don’t have a portfolio site, please upload the images to and send us a link.

Brief bio
One to three paragraphs describing yourself and your art experience. If you’ve been previously published, let us know!

Writer details
If you have a writer in mind you’d like to work with, please mention it!

Comic Formatting

Stories will always open on the left hand page. Dramatic page reveals should be planned with this in mind!

Where possible, stories will have a blank page of space at the end to clearly separate them.

Title Pages
Stories will have a standardized typography-only title page on the right leaf, listing the story title and all creators involved in the story ( ie., penciller, inker, letterer, etc. ).

File Specs
Artists will be submitting their work in 300dpi CYMK TIFF files to a Google Docs folder.


Vol 4 is projected to cost $15,445 CDN. For the Kickstarter, we're going to ask for $13,000 CDN to fund the project, and plan to exceed the goal.

The goal is deliberately set lower than the full cost to reduce risk. Kickstarter takes 9% of funds raised, so the break-even point is $16.6k.

Our Vol 2 Kickstarter earned $7.2k, and Vol 3 earned $12.4k, and I believe that with a wide social media push, greater organization and better graphic design assets, we can reach the higher goal. We’ll also offer t-shirts, prints, and original cover artwork for sale.

We’ll be asking artists to donate pages or original artwork for the KS.

What is the money spent on?

Kickstarter supplies and shipping$4,050
Printing 1,000 copies$2,800
Total cost$15,445
The full budget details are available here.

Stretch Goals

These may change as we get closer to the Kickstarter launch.

At 14k: All physical orders receive six adorable 1” character buttons created by Mandy James.
At 15k: All physical orders receive six adorable stickers using the same assets as the buttons.
At 16k: All orders will include PDFs of all three previous volumes.
At 16.6k: — break-even on book production —

After the break-even point rounded up to the nearest thousand, every 6k folks will receive an extra $5 a page divided between the creators involved in each page.

Assuming the break-even point remains at 16.6k, at $22k writers receive an extra $1.50 a page, artists receive an extra $2.00 a page, and colourists receive an extra $1.50 a page. There is no ceiling on this.

Realistically, we probably won’t hit this goal, but it never hurts to be prepared!

What if it fails?

If the goal is not met, creators will still be paid. We’ll look into printing a much smaller run of books - probably 250 or less - funded by the contributors.


First draft:2 weeks
Final script:1 weeks
Character Designs:2 weeks
Thumbnails:2 weeks
Pencils:6 weeks
Inks:3 weeks
Lettering:2 weeks
Colours:3 weeks
You can view a complete Gantt chart here.
July 2016
July 24: Intro Meeting

Aug 7: Social Pitch Meeting
Aug 14: Pitches and Artist applications due.
Aug 21: Editors select pitches and request first script drafts.

Sep 4: First draft due.
Sep 11: Editors send draft feedback.
Sep 18: Final script due. Artists are paired with writers.

Oct 2: Character designs due.
Oct 9: Editors send character design feedback.
Oct 23: Page thumbnails due.
Oct 30: Editors return thumbnail feedback.

-- month is devoted to working on pencils! --

Dec 11: Pencils due
Dec 18: Editors return pencil feedback.
-- holiday break --

January 2017
Jan 29: Inks due.

Feb 5: Editors return inks feedback.
Feb 19: Lettering due.
Feb 23: Kickstarter launches!
Feb 26: Editors return lettering feedback.

March 19: Colours due.
Mar 23: Kickstarter completes!
March 26: Editors return colouring feedback.

Apr 2: Book layout is competed.
Apr 9: Books are ordered from printer.
Apr 30: Artists, Writers and Editors get paid.
Apr 30: Books arrive. Private launch party to distribute books to contributors.

May 14: Launch book - hopefully, at TCAF 2017!
May 21: Fulfil all Kickstarter orders.


Lead Editor ( Steven Andrews )

  • Coordinate artists and writers

  • Lay out the book in Adobe InDesign

  • Handle printing through Webcom Inc

  • Manage the Kickstarter

  • Do promotional web design and graphic design

  • Help pair artists and writers.

  • Handle funds

  • Perform editorial duties as necessary

  • Resolve conflicts

Editors ( Aaron Feldman and Allison O’Toole )

  • Stories will be paired with an editor, who will stay with a story until completion.

  • Review pitches for acceptance

  • Review first script drafts and help writers build strong pieces.

  • Review thumbnail artwork.


  • Write an email pitch

  • Optionally attend a social pitching session

  • Write a first draft for the editors to review

  • If approved, write a final draft.

  • Work with artists to create a great story.


  • Work with their paired writer to develop character designs for the stories.

  • Work with the story’s editor to create a great story.

  • Create 2-10 pen and ink pages.

  • If possible, letter those pages.


  • Colour 2-10 pages.